Lebou’s Cosmetics is a natural, organic, and luxurious line of cosmetic care. Our goal is to help you reach a lighter skin tone via dramatically reducing skin spots, acne scars, and other dark blemishes. We aim to do this in a healthy and effective way that does not damage your skin. Each of our products are scientifically tested and made using only the best agents of biological oils, antioxidants, and arbutin. 
Arbutin is a natural extract from the bearberry and has been used to treat and prevent skin pigmentation, as well as brightening and evening skin tone. Alpha Arbutin, which is used in our products, is simply the best Arbutin substitute as it’s nearly 20 times more effective than it’s closest competitor, B-Arbutin. It is used to reduce wrinkles and lightening in the skin via restricting pigmentation. 
In order to achieve maximum results of Lebou’s, use of the full line of products is highly recommended. That being said, each and every one of our products, when used individually, is designed for ultimate performance and satisfaction.